Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is a Consultant?

    A Person OR Organisation who is an Expert, Specialist or a Professional in a particular subject and whose job is to give advice, information, training, guidance and service to individuals, businesses, government organizations, etc.

  2. How can we be benefited by hiring a consultant?

    Consultants are mostly freelancers & independent experts working at their own time frame to provide you maximum benefit in minimal cost for a required service or product according to your needs. This way you need not appoint a full time employee for a one time requirement and save money & time.

  3. How can we pay for a service online ?

    Most of the consultants registered with us are providing free online consulting. However they may charge for specific services according to the needs of clients. You can ask for the banking details and pay them directly OR you can pay through our secure online payment system to pay any perticular consultant.

  4. Can I hire a consultant for a time specific job or project?

    Yes, you can always hire a consultant or multiple consultants for a time specific job or project.

  5. How can I find a good consultant?

    A good consultant is always carefully listening to the needs of the client, and cater the best solution within a time limit. We recommend our users to first verify details about the fundamental existence, financial credentials, certifications, reviews from clients of the consultants.